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Vein Removal

Visible veins can appear for a wide range of reasons. Certain illnesses like vascular disease, for example, can cause veins to bulge and become apparent. Genetic and environmental factors, as well as aging, can also exacerbate the appearance of veins.

Anything from high temperatures to sun damage can lead to this cosmetic problem, and getting rid of visible veins requires specialized treatment. At Aspire OMS, we use laser technology to offer a long-term solution to visible veins.

Before and after pictures of vein removal procedure.

How Does Laser Vein Removal Work?


his treatment uses a calibrated beam of light that penetrates the skin and effectively cauterizes the varicose, swollen, or visible veins. The laser essentially cuts off blood flow to the vein, causing it to atrophy and be re-absorbed by your body.

Is There a Healing Period After Laser Vein Removal?

There is typically a healing process after this treatment and how long it takes depends on the extent of the procedure and the type of vein being treated. When treating spider veins, for instance, there’s often some bruising left behind, which can last two to six weeks to disappear. However, in most cases, the results are fast and permanent.

Are the Results Immediate?

Although the laser takes effect immediately, it will take some time for your body to absorb the remains of the vein and completely disappear. In some cases, you can see results in less than 15 minutes. In more extensive cases, it will take about one week to start seeing the results.

Are You Ready for Permanent Vein Removal?

After a few treatments, you can enjoy cleaner, more radiant-looking skin without blemishes. Get in touch with our office today to learn more about this treatment and schedule your first appointment!

Why an oral surgeon vs. dentist?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons receive specialized training to treat a variety of conditions affecting the head, neck, face, mouth, and jaws. Although a general dentist may perform simple tooth extractions -- more complex surgeries, such as removing wisdom teeth, are what we are specifically trained to do. Plus, we have advanced equipment to make procedures more affordable, and significantly more comfortable, for you to have the best overall experience.


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